FAX建筑事务所是由法国注册建筑师 Architecte DESA方晨光于 2009 年成立于上海。它是一个具有创新精神及勇于实践的年轻团队,从事建筑、城市、景观、室内设计工作。工作室将关注中国城市高速发展中所带来的城市更新现象,通过当代建筑理念的思考方式,找到问题本质所在,并提出解决办法。在任何背景下不同类型项目,都存在一种或多种非常规思路以及更为出色的设计方案。这要求设计师秉持批判的实践态度,具有独立思考和不断反省的能力,更应该有社会责任感,去寻找解决问题之道。


2009           FAX椽桢建筑事务所      

2008           法国注册建筑师 Architecte DESA

2003-2008  巴黎 ESA 高等专业建筑学校硕士

2002-2003  巴黎 CAMONDO 工业设计学校

1997-2002   联合室内设计工作室

1995-1997   中国美术学院室内设计



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FAX Architects

FAX Architects founded by French Registered Architect Architecte DESA Fang Chenguangin Shanghai, 2009. It consists of an innovative and young team bold in practice, and it is engaged in the architecture design, urban design, landscape design and interior design. By focusing on the urban renewal situations generated from the high-speed urban development in China, FAX Architects is committed to finding out the essence of the problems and proposing solutions in context of contemporary architecture concept. As there are always one or more unconventional ideas and design solutions which are more outstanding for projects of various types under any context, it requires the designers to uphold the critical thinking in practice and embrace the ability of independent thinking and constant self-reflection. Furthermore, they should have a sense of social responsibility in seeking for solutions to the problems.

Fang Chenguang is the founder of the FAX architecture firm

2009           FAX  Architects

2008           Architecte DESA

2003-2008  Master Degree of ESA, Paris 

2002-2003  École Camondo, Paris

1997-2002  One Interior design studio

1995-1997   College of Interior Design of China Academy of Art

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